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  • Exclusive representative in Ukraine
  • Exclusive representative in Ukraine
"Smart VDS" - service is a fast and easy way to get VDS in our cloud infrastructure, which guarantees VDS allocation with high standards of performance and reliability. Especially useful for testing as a test environment for any type of installation, for applications that do not require critical load, and for creating virtual desktops.

  • SSD of the latest generation.
  • For each IPv4, 64-bit IPv6 is enabled and can be configured automatically.
  • The client manages the access to the data located in our infrastructure independently. Personal and administrative data of the client are protected in accordance with European law.
  • Redundancy due to redundant platform components.

Заказав план Вы получаете:

  • 3-хдневный бесплатный тест
  • Система виртуализации QEMU-KVM позволяет устанавливать на VDS абсолютно любую ОС
  • Бесплатно предоставляется место на отдельном Backup-сервере
  • Неограниченный трафик, число сайтов и доменов