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  • Exclusive representative in Ukraine

Data services (transport) are provided on the basis of national and international backbone networks DWDM (10 Gbit/s and 2.5 Gbit/s lambdas), Ethernet/MPLS (10 Gbit/s, 1 Gbit/s) and SDH (STM-64) , STM-16)as well as fiber-optic networks of cities. As an access channel, fiber-optic cables (up to 10 Gbit/s) are used.

Business.WAN - is an extensive offer on data transmission channels and global computer networks. This service is intended for customers who would like to connect branches of the company into one network both in Ukraine and in Poland. The network can be based on dedicated data lines (point-to-point or MPLS), or on company-owned Internet connections (IP VPN, MPLS). Business.WAN allows you to effectively manage the company's telecommunications facilities and reduce operating costs. A separate (optionally redundant) access channel can serve both data transmission and telephone communication, as well as secure encrypted communication between company departments.

Advantages for the client

  • responsibility of the operator for maintaining the functionality of the entire network, and not only for the operation of individual channels; A transparent service level agreement (SLA) defines operator obligations and guaranteed network parameters
  • reduction of costs, associated with the independent maintenance and operation of the global computer network by the client (monitoring, service, technical support)flexible selection of components of the service in accordance with the specifics and requirements of the client, as well as the ability to quickly change the parameters (for example, the bandwidth of individual channels)
  • high reliability and security are guaranteed due to the fact that the service is based on the developed telecommunications infrastructure of the ATMAN network - the national fiber optic backbone network

Business.WAN - is a complex service, individual solutions are always selected separately for each client - starting with individual channels in one city network and ending with international networks.