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  • Exclusive representative in Ukraine
  • Exclusive representative in Ukraine
The "Dedicated Server" - service in Ukraine is a rental of a physical server located in one of the largest data centers in Ukraine. This service is suitable for solving different projects and does not require one-time investments.


  • Quickly launch a new service or business transferring CAPEX to OPEX
  • Server maintenance is our responsibility
  • Servers are located in one of the largest data centers in Ukraine, which technically meets Tier 3 standards
  • Provision of free IPMI and remote hands service
  • Domain name as a gift
  • 2 IP addresses
  • Free configuration of the basic software for server operation
  • Traffic with guaranteed channel capacity 10/100 Mbit/s (World/Ukraine)

Заказав план Вы получаете:

  • Бесплатная настройка базового программного обеспечения для работы сервера
  • Неограниченный трафик при гарантированной пропускной способности канала 10/100 Мб/с
  • Есть возможность сборки нестандартных конфигураций
  • Включение в систему мониторинга
  • Бесплатное подключение IP-KVM и сервис «удаленных рук»